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wanderer control

Dementia is a big problem for the elderly. More than one in five over the age of 80 suffers from this condition. The consequences are distressing – for the patients, their families and those entrusted with their care.

Some elderly patients have a tendency to go for unannounced walks, which makes them not only a potential danger to themselves but also a worry to those looking after them. There is a solution…

Thanks to Ascom’s Wanderer Control system, you can keep a discreet eye on your patients/ residents – with no effort at all. The system does all the work for you, providing you with updates right in your pocket. Gone are the days when you or your staff has to go looking for wandering patients or residents


  • Beboertjenester

    Den største fordelen en beboer opplever ved et Ascom trådløst system er kanskje tryggheten.

  • Pasientsignal - rolig omsorgsmiljø

    Med en trådløs telefon kan pleieren snakke direkte med pasienten og umiddelbart vurdere hans eller hennes behov – uten å ta et skritt.